Artist Management

MMAPP artist management or band management is an exclusive and one on one service.

A genuine service to one client only. We do not claim to roster dozens of acts that we state to manage nor will we ever attempt to.

An artists career and the management of his or her career deserves 100% undivided attention.

Building and development from the ground up takes time and planning. As, not only is a musicians career focused on gaining stature in the global music community but also the specific and specialised business building skills, which is often forgotten.

A musicians long term career takes time in planning, plan restructure, constant analysis and often months or years to find the correct mix and perfect market placement.

If an artist is deemed as so exceptional to be with MMAPP then it is only fair that the chosen musician or band will deserve one on one and undivided attention.


Selecting a Day Spa in Melbourne

Selecting a Day Spa in Melbourne

Visiting a day spa can be a wonderful way to unwind and relax for a few hours or so. If you’re searching for a day spa Melbourne residents love, you have a number of solid choices right in front of you. As a large metropolis, Melbourne offers an abundance of respected day spas.

If a person wants to find a day spa in Melbourne, she should make sure she first knows exactly what kinds of services and treatments she wants. Day spas all provide their own specific treatments. One day spa in Melboune may focus more on skincare while another may concentrate heavily on nail services, for example. If an individual is keen on finding a day spa in Melbourne that is heavily centered around skincare, she may want to narrow down her options to facilities that provide facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and body buffing scrub treatments. If she’s keen on finding a day spa in Melbourne that has an emphasis on nail care, she may want to focus exclusively on locations that provide pedicures and manicures.

Melbourne day spas at offer a lot of diverse services to customers. Some of them offer hair removal treatments. If a woman is looking to get rid of unwanted hair on her legs prior to going on a trip, visiting a day spa that specialises in hair extraction can be smart. If she’s looking to get her makeup professional done for a major event such as a friend’s wedding, going to a day spa that offers cosmetics application can be a great idea. Thankfully, Melbourne’s choices in these kinds of day spas are plentiful. Locating a reputable day spa in the city is usually relatively easy. Relaxation, leisure and beauty aren’t hard to come by in Melbourne.